Friday, December 16, 2011

Browse Anonymously

Browse Anonymously

How can I browse anonymously or stay invisible online ? Is these among those questions which bother you for keeping your privacy online. Anonymizers, proxy servers, VPN and VPS are some options that can help you out. All above services are also offered as paid service but for here we will just have our look on free services.
Anonymizers(anonymity server):
Anonymizers are nothing but proxy servers which act as browsers inside browsers for surfing, their advantage is that they digest everything from the page you want to visit and hence can not only protect your privacy but can also prevent you from online malwares. I 'll not recommend you using some specific anonymizer since firewalls block them someday so better visit which updates list of anonymizers every hour so that you must get a working anonymity server. Alternatively you can use a TOR browser which really guarantees 100% anonymity. Download TOR from

Proxy Servers:
Proxy servers needs some manual settings from your internet configurations. Proxy server lift the limitation that anonymizers had of only being used in browser by making proxy IP available for every application that needs internet connection. Visit for fresh list of proxies.

Alternatively you always have option of using a proxy generating software, following is brief list of proxy software with their download link have your pick.

Please don't ask which is best among them, its hard to say since working of proxy depends upon load on proxy server and it may vary with time. As my personal preference I use TOR and Ultra Surf when need proxy level anonymity. Please don't use transactional type browsing like e-mail, social networking or financial transactions over proxy servers, its not safe and still anyhow you want to use them better not use anything else than TOR.

Virtual Private Network:
VPN's are most trusted way of hiding online even secure than proxy servers and anonymity servers. Following is list of some software that provide free VPN services.
Ultra VPN is one of the most used and most trusted free VPN service of world, if you have problem trusting any other free VPN service better opt this.

The problem with which every VPN suffers it speed and bandwidth penalty. Also they need registration, only usaip can be used without registering by using username and password “demo”. The advantage they have above Anonymizers and proxy servers is that you don't have to bother about transactional browsing.

Virtual Private Server:
Virtual Private Servers are provided by companies in which each concept of running multiple virtual systems on same system is adapted. Though every PC may be residing on same server but for each individual his system acts as completely separate system. These are most reliable source to stay invisible online but are only offered as paid service.

I hope I have covered enough so that you can have your pick. Don't forget to tell us about your views and experience about using above tools. Please note that no matter which tool you use you will have to suffer speed penalty but sorry that is that cheap cost that you have to pay to browse anonymously and stay invisible online.

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